Useful Links

Education doesn't have to cost you a fortune, thankfully many of the things we want to learn can be found in books, on websites and in free public learning spaces such as museums and art galleries(even if you can't visit some of the the places listed, the websites have many resources for you to skim through, including on-line stores and collection guides).

Below is the ultimate list of websites I have found that you will hopefully find helpful. Please be patient with me as I add more links :)

Have fun

--Ancient & Natural History--

The British Museum 

--The Arts--

Intro to African art

Art appreciation

Getting started with opera

The TATE Modern


--Black Women's Empowerment/ Interracial Dating-- 

Black Girls Haven

Black women with other brothers

Black women, white men

Bougie black girl

Evia's blog

Halima's blog

My fiancĂ©e is Asian

Not your girl friday

Interracial intersection

Kadijah's blog

Thoughts on black femininity

Sara's blog

Self love for black women

Stomping steryotypes

Swirling and marriage

The swirl world

Young black women determined to live well

Miss Glamtastic

The negro queen

What about our daughters

White chocolate preferred

Zabeth's blog

Books & Reading

Interracial erotica

Priscilla aka The Readables

Reading great works of fiction

--Elegance, Etiquette & Femininity--

Absolutely ladylike

A-Z of etiquette

Annabel Manners

Beth's blog on etiquette

The Classy Woman

Emily post

The feminine black woman

Jacqueline Whitmore

Good speech

The new elegant black woman

The proper lady (a boat load of e-materials available for purchase, this is an A STAR blog)

Social graces & savoir faire

The seductive woman

The well-bred woman in progress

Yvonne and Yvett Etiquette

--Fashion & Makeup-- Some of these bloggers dress in designer clothes, please be aware that many of them get these clothes for free. Do not waste your money on clothes that you cannot afford, simply use these sites as a form of style inspiration for your wardrobe. You're better off using £500 to take an educational course or to travel than on one pair of shoes.

The Blonde Salad

Esme & the laneway

Maryam Maquillage

Pink lemonade 

Socialite dreams

Style Redux

Wendys look book

Victoria's vintage

--Food & Wine--

The blushing hostess

Chubby vegetarian

Jamie Oliver

Oh my veggies

National vegetarian week

Vegetarian living

Veggie belly

--Greener Living--

Frugally sustainable

Green & Natural


Natural living

A self sufficient life

Self sufficientish

Sustainable living project

Sustainable Sandy

Little green blog

--Hair Care & Styling--

*Natural hair care*

Black girl long hair

Daily curlz


Naptural85 blog

Naptural 85 Youtube

Newly natural

Nikkimae2003 Youtube channel

Think and grow chick

The retro natural

*General styling*


--Social and Natural Sciences--

--Home & Decor--

Ada and Darcy

Belle masion

Made by girl

Coco Kelley

Gift wrapping

The Hamptons Hostess 

--XYZ All other sites I like to stop by---

Mama Kiki Can

Ruby Armoire

Working homekeeper

My so called life in France


  1. Thank you for linking to my blog. :-) I have enjoyed looking over yours!

  2. Thank you for including me on your list!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper