Friday, 20 September 2013

Words Of Wisdom

Hello my beauties. As you've probably noticed, I've been away for a while. Well, I've been working very hard on some projects, one of them being 'The Black Rose' e-course for you all.

I was shocked to come back today ( the first time I've logged on in ages) , to find how many clicks I've been getting. You have all given so much to me and I seem to be giving very little to you. My apologies for that, but it's for good a reason as I have lots in store for you going forward.

I've decided to split 'The Black Rose' into parts because there's more to it than I had anticipated writing. The first part will be here just in time for Christmas, if not a little sooner, so you'll have plenty of handy tips to start off the new-year with a fabulous bang!

Do tell me how you've all been doing in the comments below. Hope you had a great summer and are enjoying all the fashion shows of the last few weeks. Milan went off with a bang yesterday didn't it? Great clothes. 

Here are some new blogs I found which you might like, will add to them to the links site at some point, go show them some love :) 


Tilly & The Buttons:

Stay gorgeous my beauties.

Glitter & Roses xx

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